Biodegradation laboratory

We conduct biodegradation tests under standard conditions as well as proprietary protocols with the highest quality and reliability levels. By means of these tests we can assess the biodegradation of materials in relevant environments (industrial compost, home compost, soil and marine water) and study the potential environmental impact of the resulting biodegradation products.

Biodegradation And Compostability Assessment

The assessment of biodegradability and compostability involves conducting up to four different types of tests, which collectively provide insight into the completeness and safety of the biodegradation process for the environment.

In order to detect the presence of hazardous elements

A test devoted to assessing the fragmentation of the sample

Allows to track the conversion of the organic carbon present in the sample into CO2 by means of microbiological action

Assessment of the potential adverse impacts on living organisms.


At CEBIMAT we conduct evaluations of biodegradability and compostability according to international standards, including:

EN 17033 Plastics. Biodegradable mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture. Requirements and test methods

ISO 23832 Plastics. Test methods for determination of degradation rate and disintegration degree of plastic materials exposed to marine environmental matrices under laboratory conditions.

EN 13432 Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation. Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging)

EN 14995 Plastics. Evaluation of compostability. Test scheme and specifications.

ISO 23517 Plastics. Soil biodegradation materials for mulch films for use in agriculture and horticulture. Requirements and test methods regarding biodegradation, ecotoxicity and control of constituents.

ISO 17088 Plastics. Organic recycling. Specifications for compostable plastics.




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ISO 14855
ISO 20200
OECD 208 + EN 13432, ISO 17088
NF T 58-800, AS 5810
NF T 58-800, AS 5810
OECD 208 + EN 13432
ISO 17556
ISO 17556
ISO 11268, ISO11269, ISO 15685
ISO 19679, ISO 22403, ISO22404