Our services

At CEBIMAT, we bring together extensive knowledge and experience gained from over two decades of research in biodegradable materials with advanced facilities and equipment to conduct extensive studies and experiments on biodegradation processes.

We offer expert laboratory services in the field of biodegradation, delivering customized and comprehensive technical support for all of our valued clients and partners.

We take pride in presenting results in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from our findings. Additionally, we offer expert advice and training on current standards and regulations to help you stay ahead of the curve.

But we don’t just offer standard testing, we can also create bespoke biodegradation studies tailored to your specific needs. Partner with CEBIMAT for a stress-free and reliable biodegradation analysis experience.

Standard and advanced biodegradation tests
Advice and training in biodegradation and legislation.
Development of ad-hoc tests.
Partnership for research projects and initiatives.
Assessment of sustainability and environmental impact of materials and processes (LCA, LCSA, LCC & S-LCA)
Involvement in R+D projects as industrial partners.

Biodegradation laboratory

We conduct biodegradation tests under standard conditions as well as proprietary protocols with the highest quality and reliability levels. By means of these tests we can assess the biodegradation of materials in relevant environments (industrial compost, home compost, soil and marine water) and study the potential environmental impact of the resulting biodegradation products.

Biodegradation studies​

In CEBIMAT, we are equipped to conduct advanced scientific studies aimed at uncovering the underlying mechanisms of the natural biodegradation process from both a materials and microbiological perspective.

Research on Biodegradation

Our vision at CEBIMAT is to be the leading R&D center for biodegradation studies. We balance our services for partners and customers, which focus on studying the biodegradation of their materials, with a strong emphasis on conducting biodegradation research