Biodegradation vs pollution

Biodegradation refers to the natural process in which organic matter is decomposed by microorganisms. Through the study of this process, we can gain a better understanding of it and have the ability to control it. This understanding provides the opportunity to develop innovative technologies aimed at addressing the issue of pollution from organic waste more effectively.
The development of such technologies will not only help in the proper management of waste, but also in reducing the negative impact of human activities on the environment by reducing pollution levels.

The accumulation of waste on the surface of the Earth, particularly plastic materials, is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

Biodegradation is a natural and sustainable approach to dispose of organic waste.

Studying the role of microorganisms in the biodegradation process is crucial to understand and control it.
Effective control of the biodegradation process can help us develop technologies that allow us to manage our waste more efficiently.