Your Trusted Partner in Biodegradation Solutions

We are committed to combating pollution through cutting-edge biodegradation studies. As your trusted partner, we embark on a journey to create a greener future together, harnessing the power of biodegradation for a more sustainable world.

Discover CEBIMAT

Pioneering the Biodegradation Revolution

CEBIMAT, an innovative start-up, is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of natural biodegradation. With our unmatched expertise, we conduct thorough evaluations of materials and end products, paving the way for groundbreaking technology solutions that leverage biodegradation for enhanced sustainability across various industries and human endeavors.

Our services

As CEBIMAT, we offer an extensive array of biodegradation testing services. Beyond conducting tests, we are dedicated to facilitating your transition to biodegradable products through collaborative R&D projects and leveraging our extensive expertise in the field.

Standard and advanced biodegradation tests

Advice and training in biodegradation and legislation.

Development of ad-hoc tests.

Partnership for research projects and initiatives.

Assessment of sustainability and environmental impact of materials and processes (LCA, LCSA, LCC & S-LCA)

Involvement in R+D projects as industrial partners.